Saturday, March 1, 2008

ladies of little branch

love to love me somelittle branch. a truely great, albeit pricey speakeasy nook, perfect for girl chatter and secretive anecdotes.

it may be the best place in new york city to be in a public space with the utmost impression of privacy. the booths are quite high, so as to obscure eye contact or even the slightest invasion of others. downers are the $12 price tag for the most delectable cocktails, so it's all but impossible to have just one..unless of course, you're mamie and have a body skimming zac posen on the ready for monday and two shows manana.
claire and i paid our check a total of 4 times before leaving after last's a delicious stage indeed for a range of discussions from future fantasies, commitment complications, boy blunders, timeline teetering and career fears.

dark of night

joe's pizza

always a delight to see my boys on carmine.

p.s. totally started joking around with this gal at the counter, only to realize moments later that it was no other than pink, herself. she was really quite sweet and was all, 'later' and i was all, 'peace'..

seacrest out

self promotion

is kinda weird.
but i ordered all these bidness cards and i'm not terribly keen on them.
so's i'm dolling them out like candy.

brilliant bess

it takes a little somethin', somethin' to get me to the theater.
and that something is usually a dear someone.
this time it was ms. mamie in the play hunting and gathering at primary stages on 59th st.
i would recommend going but the last two performances are today. so, you missed it.

it is a leap year