Saturday, March 1, 2008

ladies of little branch

love to love me somelittle branch. a truely great, albeit pricey speakeasy nook, perfect for girl chatter and secretive anecdotes.

it may be the best place in new york city to be in a public space with the utmost impression of privacy. the booths are quite high, so as to obscure eye contact or even the slightest invasion of others. downers are the $12 price tag for the most delectable cocktails, so it's all but impossible to have just one..unless of course, you're mamie and have a body skimming zac posen on the ready for monday and two shows manana.
claire and i paid our check a total of 4 times before leaving after last's a delicious stage indeed for a range of discussions from future fantasies, commitment complications, boy blunders, timeline teetering and career fears.

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ps. apologies from Drunky Brewster on t.m.i...oops!