Monday, March 10, 2008

noah levy on E!

sooooo proud!!! i, personally, would never be able to do chelsea lately. not in a million.
but i want everyone to know i always always knew you'd get here!

spring forward sunday stay up

we, with the switzerland toblerone and the marimecco and rykiel and lumix love, out until sunrise.
the fotos by xabi [except the first/last one.]

jazzed on jane st.

grazie mille

smoking section

last call at bar and books on hudson.
[sweet tipoff from hunter for a late night smokey bar.]


sturges saturday soiree part 2

big sister beka made the genius [very inconspicuous] paper hats, and then proceeded to win the 'keeping on the hat the longest' game. but justin came in very close second-- the wind had something to do with the loss..
giant cones+cherry sherry+beets+fondue+bathroom humor+steak frites+politics+birthday+frogman+siblings+old buddies+spanish wine+ifones+all that belly filling artisanal bistro.