Thursday, December 30, 2010

the smoke bombs+laughter made our eyes water hard.

hope y'all had a magical merry holiday + i wish you an explosively awesome new years eve!!

we're ditching the new york new years brouhaha (IN MY NEW CAR!) to hang out in a lake house in the poconos!

what we've got on the agenda: eat loads of yummy marlow+daughters food, light a couple smoke bombs, wear sequins by the fire, take LOADS of fotos, drink this bottle of veuve and just get really fucking groovy.

i promise i will post more fotos soon. i just cleared 3,660 pics from iphoto-i.e. i've finally had a chance to upload all my digi pics from november+december...but i have to go dig my car out from under heaps of snow so my apologies but you'll have to wait a few days more:)

i don't know about you but my new years resolutions are stacking up: eat more fruit, make some more books, back up my digi jazz more frequently, jump rope, get rid of this vintage archive (lemme know if you'd like to make an appointment to go thru it;), +paint more frequently.
what are yours??


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

she is the muse to my best pop melody.

my dear darling gals at COURT are living the dream...
designing the perfect denim to cover the covetable asses of the world.

we had a meeting about me shooting their lookbook towards the end of summer+started brain storming concepts...but as so often happens scheduling got in the way and our city shoot didn't come to as i was gearing up for our western adventures i suggested that they just give us some jeans to go and we'd see if magic could be made. i mean mercedez has been my muse for 12 years, so how could it go wrong?!

we shot from new mexico to the mojave to vegas to big sur...
+while there were plenty of awkward quick changes in the car...the experience was perfection--probably my favorite way to shoot fashion: having a blast--rainbow chasing through parking lots in vegas, smoke bomb experiments, climbing joshua trees in a head dress (not recommended actually), and countless other fortuitous friendly fashionable moments.

COURT jeans are available at COURT SHOP on go get your high waisters, dreamy bells, skinnies and sweetassed awesome on pronto!!

i promise you'll thank me later;)

it shines like a snake and drags like a broom..and i feel fine.

picked up this bonkers shiny leopard maxi at the friends+family (major:) sale at creatures of comfort....slightly under the influence of some kir royale and hilarity.
it makes me very glad.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

give me the finger and i'll hold up the globe.

cedez+i stopped by angela's holiday market last weekend+got our nails did right.
i got down with the gold leopard minx madness...check out cedez's fly combo here.

+if you haven't been yet, not to worry-there are 2 more weekends:

This Sat. marks the 2nd week of my Craftastic Holiday Fair at the hipster church in greenpoint
(Greenpoint Lutheran Church of the Messiah, 129 Russell st.)

There are over 25 vendors this week! You can definitely do all your holiday shopping and have a Yummy Brunch for under $6.00
Vendors include:
Max Wowch
Hillary Rosenman Vintage (Madison Harding)
Revel of Bruce High Quality Foundation
Jewelry by Kim Zitzow
Alexander Campas
Rabbit on the Run
The Wild Unknown
Small Water
Indian Treats
The Same Nice people +

And many more

Monday, December 6, 2010

she spun an alchemic web on the camouflaged eaves of her foggy mind.

1.wendy nichols BEAUTIFUL birds eye ring
2.rebecca minkoff has made the absolutely perfect pony hair leopard booties (my personal order is in already:) for spring.
3.coco de mer loreli snakeskin suspender skivvies
4.pamela love wiccan woman 5 star bracelet
5.i love everything about this all for the mountain mandala necklace sheep+prodigal sons "hahnoma" hexagonal ring
7.zana bayne harness...still dying for this..fingers crossed that she can make me one in navy.
8.pamela love skull necklace
9.wendy nichols perfectly phenomenal (+sadly way out of budget) carry on pony haired leopard genius duffle bag
10.pamela love's very berber-esque spike rings
11.wendy nichols spike cone studs
12.mimi holiday belle de nuit number...cause a gal can never enough sexy black bras
13.bliss lau templar chain.
14.the length on this all for the mountain sun ra tassel necklace is just right..i fell in love with it on carly, the designer, at mara hoffmans spring collection viewing during fashion week..sooo good!
15.made her think widows peak chain ring to trot coco de mer sylph gate back briefs
17.this pamela love necklace will never come home with me, as there are sapphires involved.. but the crystals are so BEYOND.
18.BODKIN caos sweater...i've been hoping for this since the lookbook but they sold out..lucky for me one of the brilliant designers, claire, is coming by tomo with the last of it's kind:)
19. nichole de carle last testament bra..duh, i'm on a spider web seductress/harness kick.
20.i need another striped shirt like i need an STD but c'mon..but this rM top is sheer+has a flouncey, really it's very different from a sailor T.
21.pamela love makes a combination/berber hoochie mama earring..+i NEED a new staple earring in a crazy bad way...spring 2011 is gonna be good.
22.zana bayne harness....seriously been thinking about it for well over a year now.
23.nichole de carle simple but sexy westminster bra.
24.i don't need any more solid cuffs but if i did...pam loves in it to win.
25.victorias secret might be a good spot to start. (you like that bad leopard joke?)
26.pamela love
27.i'll need a sugar somebody to get me some bordelle bugsy peeophole brief action
28.bliss lau art deco empire chain...turner has been wearing her harness chain for awhile now+i've been coveting it really hard..
29.still into this black sheep+prodigal sons+pamela love collab mammoth talon cuff