Sunday, December 30, 2007

rossi's pimp watch

north.south .east.west
supersweetself-gifted christmas gift

BBlessing sale.१.१.08

click the flyer for the deets.

pumphouse roundoff

a couple pineapple+rum drinks later, i can't remember the name of the reggae cover band. but they were fantastic, providing an all ages dance up.

a nightime notation: a lot of white people have a tough time with rhythm, something i can't quite comprehend. it's a beat. you listen and you move appropriately. seems like, duh.

+another: the first time i came down here. i was these chic a dee's, i thought i looked like+acted+seemed at least 21 or 25. when in fact. i, like they, seem 16 or 17. perky tits, falling on the floor, barely dressed and obviously terribly experienced. o youth.

all the atm's are broken on this side of the island

so we had to drive to the airport..fine by me, it's pretty sweet in there.
p.s. this is the 1st atm i've ever been to that gives you hundo's.

street cock