Wednesday, April 30, 2008

steak advert

print party २००८ and sweet paradise

of note: all the ladies look pretty bummed out on the fotographer in the last pic.
just saying.


i met these 2 immensely talented and terrific gals in barcelona back in the fall of 2003. we fell in love immediately, to the degree that we were going to get matching heart tattoos after 6 days of bcn fun. they then gave up their couch and hosted me in london for almost 2 months. while it's been a little tricky, we have managed to stay in touch and visit once a year here or there.[this month i got to see one of them on each coast!!!]
you might not be lucky enough to know them but i highly recommend a visit to their blog righteous plaisant. you will be gladder than before!!!!

snapped by stupendous sari anne

see righteous plaisant for more of her amazing fotos taken during her manhattan holiday.

O m G

spotted: at the she+him concert at skirball hall at nyu, this gal video chatting [with her gay best friend] in public. yowza!!
see white lightning for further info.

red white+blue you: the anti butch babe

apologies my love.
i guess the truth is, toots, that i just think you're hotstuff in all of them.
but i hope you like these red white and blue you better.


come to me comme

i did it. after holding out for like 4 years i finally got the comme de garcons zip wallet at eleven this weekend.
sadly it's a bit trick ass to fit all the stuff that i easily managed into my [much smaller sized] marchand de legumes wallet...putting me into a complete fashion dream quandry...i would take it back but i already got a miny pen stain on it, what's a gal to do?!

wedding bello and bella

we found a flat daddy for suzeQ.
p.s. love me some gimicky ad campaigns