Tuesday, February 12, 2008


1. imperturbable self-possession, poise, or assurance.
2. the perpendicular, or vertical, position.
[Origin: 1820–30; < F à plomb according to the plummet, i.e., straight up and down, vertical position]

—Synonyms 1. composure, equanimity, imperturbability.
—Antonyms 1. confusion, discomposure; doubt, uncertainty.

ran for the border

i haven't had the opportunity to eat taco bell in the city for just about a year now. some of you may remember the well publicized rat takeover of '07 at the kfc/tb in the village. well, that was my taco bell.
now, some may scoff but i fucking LOVE me some tb. always have, always will. and aside from the creep out factor of rats and the like, i miss the convenience of one of my all time comfort meals just down the block.
anyhow, long story short, yesterday i awoke with a hankering, and was thus forced to swallow my pride and hoof it over to union square for a reunion with my chicken gordita supreme [with seven packets of hot sauce]. upon return home, i was rewarded with a now cold, but just as kind of amazing as always, treat.

below is the clip of the fox news report about my now shuttered old haunt.

best mint julep this side of the mason dixon

lady heather and i had a gals night out. featuring uncomfortable men with armbands, tales of 15 year old rebellion, a few adult priced drinks, one subterranean speakeasy, baby making debating, soft suede from mayle, boy chatter, dinner party planning, 3 stolen metal straws, one absconded rock, and giggles aplenty.

little branch: 20 7th ave south

the year of the rat


ms. clements and senor defrancesco dropped in last night bearing gifts of plenty: cobb salad and gold baubles. they are off for some jetsetting to vegas and texas and paris. we discussed a potentially stupendous voyage to tokyo in the works for march. keeping my credit card on hiatus and fingers crossed.

14th st

these get well flowers had the lifespan of the sickness

[given by jenny d and xabi t. a week into bedrest '08.]

i went out last night and kept referring to recent events..'last week, this', 'a coupla weeks ago, that'...and it came to my atention that in fact, said events occurred well over a month ago now. leaving me with the notion and fact that having a fever for 9 days over the course of 3 weeks is very wierd. it really is just like cutting and pasting a blank document into your life.

glad to be out of the woods and living in color again.

fashion week lesson #१: i aspire to be an eccentricly fashionable art teacher

1.topshop unique
2.betsey johnson
3.chris benz
4.rachel comey
5.herve leger
6.three as four

fashion week lesson#२: i want some modified grease lightning in my life

1.topshop unique
------------->flagship store opening on broadway in october!!!!
2.katy rodriguez
---------------->a total bitchface who fired me from resurrection for no frickin' reason after i made her gobs of money and before i could buy the vintage chanel cardigan at discount. twat.
3.alexander wang
------------------->who i have a genius foto of, in drag, as j.lo circa'04

i'll take one of each

1.vera wang
2.chloe booties

photos from style.com