Tuesday, November 27, 2007

opening on saturday

In her first one person show at artMovingProjects, Devon Dikeou shows the documentation of “Niney”, a child’s sweater made out of what she thought was lamb’s wool that she has gone to extreme lengths to keep in her immediate possession since childhood. Following in the tradition of Joseph Kosuth, John Baldessari, and Gorden Matta Clark, she uses photography and text to augment the significance of this article of clothing. Notions of fragility, safety, and comfort collide with feelings of fear, vulnerability, and voyeurism in the ongoing work that has seen earlier manifestations at Postmasters Gallery, and more recently at the Robin Rule Gallery. The installation will include photographs, documentation, and paintings that cite a written timeline both sincere and hilarious that builds to form an absurd narrative of intimacy and taboo.

Devon Dikeou is an artist who lives and works in New York. She is the editor/publisher of zingmagazine, currently in its 12th year.

is this guy for real??

Do you have amazing long hair and wear BANANA CLIPS? - m4w - 32

Reply to: pers-489450826@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-11-25, 11:19PM EST

I love how banana clips look with long hair. If you rock the banana clip, definitely drop me a line. You should enjoy having your gorgeous hair played with. I'm an attractive, fit, professional, SWM. Please be fit and under 35.

***craigslist finding. que ridiculo!!!****

sweet polaroid site

just found a new site..all polaroids. some of them are really stellar, some not so much. but this guy grant worth and this gal franck juerry are consistently good. and most of the others have something sweet going on. these are some of my favorite pics..enjoy. [if you want to view more, it's in my links to the right.]

studio update

spent all day yesterday and today on these and a couple others...probably a few more days to go on each..if you're into a comparison, check out nov.19th post.