Wednesday, November 14, 2007

levee bar and someplace else

we almost went to bembe. we almost went to galapagos. but we ended up elsewhere's. discussions ranged from the merits of shooting from above (the ladies look better) to the pros and cons of therapy. we made some new friends we'll never see again. and did a lot of hugging with old friends who we will be seeing much more! free twizzlers and straws in beers, sticker foto booth shots and man who had no shot and a gal who should've gone home hours ago. it's best to be at home when you find yourself asleep. just sayin', keep it cool.

berry and beyond bedford

marlow and sons

a dinner party at marlow was had to welcome two most fabulous recruits to nyc, kat and alvin. we were joined by a blissed out sinton, who came straight from yoga (and tai chi and pilates- apparently it can be a full time job to stay centered.)the wine was sparkling as was the conversation.