Thursday, February 26, 2009

dress up+bro down

the purge party was a success, not a smash $uccess-but surely+truely a divine time for all who came...ginger cocktails, banter, trading, bestowing, buying, bowls, + dried cherries...
many more fotos to show you..but not, all you get is this darling foto of my lady bringing the whiteheat of whitelightning to east billyburg..
apologies for the lack of fotos--you'll have to subsist on lots of virtual besos, for now..(you see, this was shot on mi senor's fancy pants camera+not my simple point+shoot, as it's still broken:(.. +well-it takes longer to upload+whatnot..)+i gotta go to bed as i got a wicked pinched nerve in my back 2 days ago+early flight out.
going to georgia manana for my mum's birthday+a visit with my grandfather+relatives+little lucas!..i'll be shooting loads of polaroids. hopefully, i'll show you some when i get back.
p.s. i might shoot some kinda shotgun this weekend--stay tuned.