Monday, February 2, 2009

listening to lisa says..

well, i've been posting fotos all day (the 19 posts below) to the tune of velvet underground+broadcast..
as you dedicated readers have noticed, i was way behind in blogville..+while there's a lot more to share, this gets you+me mostly up to date..

"farmacia" presented by globo rojo cine

i love this makes me miss europe and the lovely lass who made it..if you haven't already, you ought to check out rachel's amazing new blog, frivolous fawn 23!!

in the pleasure of treasures

sending signals at the bushwick post office

these ladies had the right stuff..fur+knits+sequins with wool.
(sorry for the fuzzyness-i didn't feel like asking for fotos that day)

95th percentile.

he's the cutest 4 months old, he is the size of a 9 month old..

she blows the roof off

my older sister has always astounded me, as talented older sisters will do..she did it again last making these spectacular head dresses (on saturday afternoon) for her bestE+roomate, meg. we had a briliant time at her birthday party in the airstream at marlow/diner. ..something that needs to happen again very soon-i mean the food, the trailer, the drink, the amazing service, and delightful company..what could be better.
p.s. beka is thinking of starting a party hat service. i think it's a brilliant idea+it makes me think that one day i'll get married with some radical head gear..or wait, maybe i'll just turn 30 in october and go from there.

heroic palette

i'll show you mine, if you show me yours.

marin parr's mexico+my midnight tacos

we took turns blowing out the candles.

happy birthday to all of you loves!!
i've been slack about posting individual bday pics..but you know who you are, and you know deep down that i love you. the drinks+the cakes, respectively, were divine, much like you.

from time to time

antipodium t. zero/maria cornejo vest. h+m over the knees. acne wedges. gray ant hotpants. street hoops.
max azaria blouse. vintage jumpsuit. vintage necklace. f21 shades. acne bootE's
my new most favorite things EVER. fold down tuxedo style corset wedges from c.o.c.
she bible jumpsuit. repetto patent jazzers. h+m turtle. turners vintage belt.
thank you for letting me borrow/steal this love!
vintage dress. vintage african necklace. chloe wedge. h+m tights.
i thought this was a fun juxtapose..(this necklace is from a flea market in maine of all places.)
zero/m.c. silk top. piazza siempione ciggie pant (uptown thrift). topshop socks. alaia platforms. vintage chandelier earrings.
vintage wool+gold leather dior top. thrifted wool dress. mom's old gold belt. repettos. h+m tights.
vintage ysl blouse. karen walker jeans. frye boots. dollar store headband. 14th st wig (hat/wig party-more on that to come)
vintage feather vest. splendid waffle l/s. karen walker's. frye's. mali shell necklace.
ray bans.vintage crop top. grey ant highwaisters. alpargatas from madrid.
plastic island tux coat. african neclace. vintage betsey johnson jean cutoffs. alaia's. c+c tank.
tuleste vintage liberty print top. favorite shorts. barefeet.


so, my soopa doopa dookie chain arrived a couple weeks ago + i love it to bits! i've gotten some pretty interesting responses from toughE brooklyn teenager was all, 'damn girrrl, that's awesome-you poppin'!"..while a way less awesome chick, named gemini, in topanga canyon had the audacity to say, (words dripping with disdain)"what is that? is that a scarf? it's relly weird." i was so shocked+thus tempted to say, "you're a raving bitch."..who says shit like that?...
anyhoo, everyone asks if i made it. nope this talented woman down in hotlanta did..if you don't know about yokoo-go visit her etsy shop+then have a gander at her flickr.