Thursday, December 31, 2009

ciao 2009.

hola 2010!
Feliz Año Nuevo!!!!

it's gonna be muuuy bueno..
(+i'm gonna have that-as seen above-jumpsuit soon!!)

full glass of gratitude.

1. sweet 70's super snaps toy polaroid from jacqueline.

2. fantastic feathers from cedez

3. a belated but completely+totally radical engraved lighter holder from lady dimilia

4. pretty prism from cedez

5. darling vintage guide from turner

6. santa knows i love colorful kitchen tools that i like to look at+mi senor gets to use. thanks ma or bro!

7. PICTIONARY!!! i asked for this cause i have visions of phenomenal pictionary parties in the new brother+sister in law gave it to xabi-i think that was confusing for him but great for me!

8. three new friendship bracelets: gold chain from cedez, shell+bead from santa/mumsa, + Forever friends L+T from turnstyle

9. lovely long beaded earrings from suze Q+ native american giving thanks book from mercedez

10. +lastly, the money shot.... the canon G!! with fancypants flash from mumsa..AND the completely amazing teensy weensy harinezumi digi video camera that mimics super 8!!!


11. hilarious+awesome spanish teaching machine packets from mercedez-with great graphics+picture within the picture cover art.

12. a GIANT nest of feathers from mi senor!

though it's the same address, it always feels different.

merry pranksters.

these here fotos the last off the lumix from christmas morning..+some clear examples of why it was necessary to upgrade.

talk to me about how my little nephew man is soooo cute!! not sure if i've divulged that mr. lucas fanukas has major musical leanings-his favorite song, at 15 and a half months, is empire state of mind!! +happily he, unlike a couple members of our family, has an inate sense of rhythm. so when i found this delightful drum, i knew it'd be perfect. +he knew how to use the drumsticks without best.

other presents i gave that i was excited about gifting to the fam:

a year in the life of lucas fanukas..a big hit with everyone!

a tiny awesome native inspired acne sweatshirt..(i bought it for $40 but for some reason on this website it says it costs $599--not true)

monogrammed tote bags in cascading sizes- extralarge for "DAD"+"NONNA", large with long handles for "MOM", and small for "LUCAS"....