Sunday, August 3, 2008

can't wait for current/elliott

the bell bottoms and shorts have my name all over them!

she lives in a penthouse on e. 1st and bowery


a new word definition, for internet shopping when you can't sleep...see the new york times style section, to read more about this word and others, as noted in a new book by the creators of daily candy.

[this ebay purchase most certainly may be filed under aforementioned categorical shopping..but it's got moving parts, what's a gal to do]

what technorati thinks about besosyfotos

first iphone foto

hooper and broadway.
no digi,+broken treo+ KC+ADF+technology=iphone/awesome.
though i hafta say---the texting on touchpad is a bit tricky.
+a t + t ain't like verizon...

still like it tho.