Thursday, January 3, 2008

aligned across the pond

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posted just to say i love you and your blog.
p.s.and i like yours way better.

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opening at elizabeth harris manana


and reverse rays.

ciao for now

"slow down"

so we sat for an hour. and then pilot comes on the loud speaker , "we are waiting for the refuel. apparently the shell workers have declared a slow down today.".
yep, that's right folks. not a strike. a slow down. wtf?!
so the dude finally pulls up. and i watch out the window as he meanders over. pausing. looking. big time working the 'slow down'.
the phrasing and the attitude were kind of genius. except for the folks in front of me who were now definitely going to miss their connection to norway.

booze hound caribe style

airport still

blue and white

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st martin pause


we were already a half hour late boarding, then this little kid in the middle had a break down and wouldn't get on the boat. it was too small for him and he was genuinely freaked out. running back onto the ajoining dock, waving at his folks like, 'have a good trip, i'm not coming!"..he and we all came close to missing our planes. but he finally sucked it up and got in, proceeding to look the least stressed of anyone else in the boat...kinda balls out. to challenge himself but mostly to even entertain the idea of staying on anguilla whilst the rest of the family heads back to india. yowza.