Wednesday, February 23, 2011

she was casually embedding herself into my heart. (visually pleasing me the whole way in a most uncommon fashion.)

no bigs (or BFD if you nasty),
just some more epic and tripped out brilliance from my dear darling gal, chrissie abbott.

(just saying...this might well be my most favorite thing to be featured in of all the fotos+videos i've collaborated on..)

leaving me to wonder...why do some of my favorite sunny special friends have to live on the other side of the atlantic??? it's majorly lametown some days more than today when i'm reminded that my witchy woman collaborator is too far to collaborate with on the daily. i'd like a zipline transporter from london to nyc to lala pronto...k? k!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

we ate the boom boom chica boom for breakfast.

we've been having a LOT of fun whipping our hair back and forth at all kinds of silly events...from becky's show+after party to cass birds birthday at the soho grand to the purple/z spoke boom boom room+everywhere in between where i neglected to take any pictures.

she birthed another gorgeous scene.

the dear and beautiful mara hoffman created yet another magical collection for fall 2011..there was a lot of dramatic draping and some completely stunning hand braided bustiers that are sure to be always, the all for the mountain jewelry was a perfect fit for the collection and i'd have to say her talented mystical mama pal, carly margolis, has created quite a number of new favorite pieces to add to my wishlist. absolute MUST HAVE piece are theses feather print skinny pants..sooooo completely and totally made for a gal like me...(and they're already quite aware that i'll be ordering those in no uncertain way!)

it's been a minute (or many months?) since i've posted any outfits...+since i actually remembered to shoot it this time i figured i'd share:
dad's vintage sailor shirt-phamous faux fur vest-all for the mountain mandala tassel necklace-vintage afghani earrings-risto bimbiloski lightning leggings-mara hoffman stirrup sweater leg jammers-rag+bone boots-marlow sail bag-cutler+gross sunnies

let's be honest, it's gone beyond bicoastal curious.

we trudged through brooklyn draped in colored snow and smoke.

Monday, February 14, 2011

best in show, this side of the pueblo?

this gentleman caught my eye in the licoln center square on my way into mara hoffman's show...but coincidentally he was on the same train on the way home...
i stopped him to take a couple shots and we had a really lovely exchange about native american jewelry....honestly those pieces are some of the craziest scaled numbers i have ever seen in all of my world traveling. (perhaps he was a berber woman in a past life?:)
in the end, i kinda wish i had stayed to talk to his (obviously crazy) ass a bit more and hadn't hopped the L but c'est la vie.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i'd say it's a perfectly candid celestial scene.

dyyyyyying for this whole christopher kane scene at opening ceremony.
specifically (fyi:sugar daddy/mummy/tranny;) the princess skirt, princess dress, +the hubble tank dress.

anyhoo, the cosmos kane brilliance reminded me to tell you that my sisters little one has arrived!!
+his name is abraham and i call him bABE!!!
+miss daphne is growing fast..
5 months of elfin awesome.
+the eldest fanukas...

+lastly some videos of lucas that i finally uploaded from thanksgiving...