Thursday, October 30, 2008


apparently it's that time of year again when sir andrew is one year older. .and gals wear these kinds accoutrement (last year it was me this year it was mademoiselle KAC--who has a patterntastic/magic styling spread in the new issue of surface--check it!)...also more shots in the evening at RP.

.we ARE experienced: the bows came home with us.

dietch projects was a full on foto+fashion+blogger reunion with flips up front. elizabeth ran off into the night before i could snap her genius royal blue bag (as partially seen in danielle's skirt shot). you should check out ms. levitt's book, we are experienced, it's pretty fantastic. upon our exit, turner had a chance to chat up the cheer coordinator to see about using the hair bows (my personal all night obsession) in a foto shoot..and the mama who made them (+two of the cheerleaders) were nice enough to give us each one..we wrapped up the night with a chile + chicas meal at turners abode: the ladies of turnstyle+righteous plaisant were the most delightful of company.
p.s. the 2nd+2nd to last foto are courtesy of my houseguest/bestE/fotobuddy ms. charlie.

NY cheer at dietch projects

sorry for the quick on the shutter tendency..i'm too much of a still fotographer, and often quit filming-just too quick by like 5 seconds...anyhow, here's a taste of what you missed last night at danielle levitt's book launch and opening last night. still fotos to follow.