Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"being true", a group show, opens at the journal gallery thursday

22 years of american youth
curated by: emma reeves and aaron rose
works by:tim barber, angela boatwright, kenneth cappello, poppy de villeneuve, cheryl dunn, naomi haris, alex hoerner, drew jarrett, alain levitt, jeaneen lund, ari marcopoulos, dan murphy, jason nocito, patrick o'dell, mike piscitelli, david ransone, terry richardson, jamel shabazz, david perez shadi, brent stewart, ed templeton, tobin yelland.
[sponsored by nike dunks]
168 n.1st st

**print this invite out for you and your +1**

we have a lot in common

..her movie preferences are bound to change.

mixed messages

a day of dudes and new duds and darts

j wiles boarded the njtransit express for some monday-time trenton thrifting. with a diner stop on the way and dart stop on the way back.

all was dynamite, save for xabi's unfortunate encounter: that of, a car full of paintball yielding hamilton hoodlums.

window smoking