Thursday, December 30, 2010

the smoke bombs+laughter made our eyes water hard.

hope y'all had a magical merry holiday + i wish you an explosively awesome new years eve!!

we're ditching the new york new years brouhaha (IN MY NEW CAR!) to hang out in a lake house in the poconos!

what we've got on the agenda: eat loads of yummy marlow+daughters food, light a couple smoke bombs, wear sequins by the fire, take LOADS of fotos, drink this bottle of veuve and just get really fucking groovy.

i promise i will post more fotos soon. i just cleared 3,660 pics from iphoto-i.e. i've finally had a chance to upload all my digi pics from november+december...but i have to go dig my car out from under heaps of snow so my apologies but you'll have to wait a few days more:)

i don't know about you but my new years resolutions are stacking up: eat more fruit, make some more books, back up my digi jazz more frequently, jump rope, get rid of this vintage archive (lemme know if you'd like to make an appointment to go thru it;), +paint more frequently.
what are yours??