Wednesday, April 27, 2011

last saturday we hiked into a vague rainbow in joshua tree+lay in the santa monica night sand before cosy-ing up in coach to wake up red eyed at jfk:

"today was a good day."
-ice cube

holding champagne courtship at the chateau.

and then she got quite into hollywood classics.

Chateau marmont.
April 19. 2011.

did i mention??

that girl is mine.

yes, the ps.1 in emerald suede.

there were a whole bunch of reasons for this.
all phenomenal.
(+thank you to heather for the friends and family love!!! couldn't have rationalized without.)

more to come on all channels.


she's leaving home.

it's a big one y'all!!
tomorrow's BE NICE is dedicated to rex in effex!!

my lady mercedez is moving to the farm in mere weeks...which is both a most obviously joyous and exciting time as well as deeply bumming me out in a selfish best friend fashion.
she's taking the marlow and daughters principles on the road upstate for bee keeping and chicken cooping IRL....but before the farm girl time, she'll be dancing and sparkling in the way that only she do.

ontop of bestE best fun we've got a brilliant dj line up for all your ass shaking, booty dropping delight!

AND we are delighted to announce the hot to trot duo nicole and lisa from COURT as our gorgeous co-hosts!!
not only will they be there in person but they are raffling off a pair of sweetASSED COURT JEANS!!

so, see you THERE suckas!!!