Tuesday, December 18, 2007

christmas carol at the vortex theater

a smash success in my opinion. hi5's to all who collaborated and contributed.. they put on a genius show, creative and fantastic. and GREEN! it's very hip this holiday. the environmentally friendly clothes and gifts and food and now theater. everyone go see it. there's not much time left but it's well worth the trip to chelsea!


princeton day school alumni show

super cloudy verrazano crossing. the show has only but a slight turnout. but the woman who changed the course of my entire life, ms.holmuth lemonick, was there..great to catch up.. and of course the folks and mariana and some family friends. and xabi got to play the b ball. and mar and i got to suss out the ever changing landscape of our old stomping ground. followed by delicious hoagie haven and an on demand viewing of hairspray. (christopher walken-always awesome.)

global warming party:year 3

holiday merriment aplenty.justin's homemade eggnog. all three siblings buddies and buddies of buddies. kiddo's. with more kiddo's on the way for next year. zacky's stellar martini's. a beautiful home full of fabulous folks from hither and thither. i wish this happened more than once a year! merci beaucoup to p+z.xL