Monday, November 30, 2009

these blustery winds can't stop us, yet.

vintage suede fringe chaps (thrifted in san louis obispo), h+m skinny jeans (handed down from cedez), beater t (hand-me down from ex bf's dad), tara subkoff for easy spirit booties (circa now), vintage fetish necklace (santa fe flea market)
topshop boutique croptop, vintage wool sailor mini (circa now), vintage horn necklace (garment room), chloe sevigny booties (creatures of comfort), tights (jersey thrift)
vintage sweatshirt (borrowed from mi senor-bought at bath maine salvation army), h+m sweater pants, JC for LF knock off acne atacomas (southhampton LF), vintage silver arm jangle (aunt sissy hand me down)
bodkin mesh dress, american apparel t+tights, cheek-ie convertible belt, vintage riding boots (brooklyn flea), love necklace (hearts+charm necklace of gifts+acquisitions), f21 sweater
vintage aztec-belly awesome (borrowed from elizabeth-bought at west hampton thrift), american apparel sweatpants (my painting pants), h+m socks, vintage scarf, jc atacoma's, popple (borrowed from kat's amazing childhood treasure trove--i wish i still had mine..)
magar hatworks alpaca hat (bergdorf's), silver+turquoise jangle necklace (outdoor market on the coast of turkey), skinnies+striped top (h+m), boots (bklyn flea), vintage red tank (santa fe thrift)
yokoo supa chain, moto (a.p.c.), vintage levi's (new hope vintage), poison t (seattle vintage), tara subkoff heels
feather vest (ebay), karen walker jeans (elizabeth charles), vintage tom petty t (cherry?), frye motorcycle boots, street hoops
african earrings (venice beach boardwalk), jodhpurs (malibu equestrian shop), vintage tiger dress (handed down from suzeQ)
vintage dress (santa barbara not so thrifty thrift), navy tights (jersey thrift), flamenco shoes (barcelona), satin wrap belt (santa fe thrift)
vintage stripeE t (barcelona flea market), lux overalls (urban outfitters), cheek-ie necklace, electic blue repettos (creatures of comfort)
3.1 phillip lim sweater vest (zoe princeton), acne high waisted zip skirt, vintage blue+black lace top (ventura thrift), c+c tank, wolford tights (courtesy of turner), vintage army boots (albuquerque thrift)
over the knee boots (resurrection from when i worked there in '05), vince sweater (bergdorf's), red t (hand me down from noah), stripeE skinnies (bendels?), native american beaded necklace (circa now sidewalk sale/swapped), chanel jumbo
vintage flannel (brunswick maine salvation army-altered at tailor jacks), h+m skinnies, jc nation booties (JL in south hampton).
aa top, phillip lim sweater, lux jeans (houseguest leftovers), patchwork lace ups (long island city salvation army).
vintage leopard/dog coat (brunswick maine antique mall), sequin top (borrowed from cedez), c+c tank, chandelier earrings (aunt sissy gift), varda lace up pumps (housing works thrift), double stockings, tons of eye make up+hair spray.
grey ant shades (opening ceremony), acne high waister, marni top (hand me down from mumsa), h+m tights, riding boots (bklyn flea), vintage woven scarf (doubletake santa fe), cheek-ie belt)
tripp zebra jeans (trash+vaudeville), aa tank, tse cardi (someone left in our apt ages ago), bone? feather scrimshaw necklace (chinatown), vintage patchwork lace ups, club monaco fedora (beacons closet)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

i wanna live in a wigwam*

*check out this lovely cat steven's jam intoduced by the enthusiast on the road outta south hampton.......obviously-we've got to get more teepees in our lives but until then:

Saturday, November 28, 2009

i recommend you take 5.

+take the time to watch this gem: zazie en el metro.

i saw this courtesy of miss frivolous fawn + i had to share with y'all...

have a good trouble-making weekend!

Friday, November 27, 2009

thanksgiving muses.

(p.s. he can't even really talk yet but he knows where to hold the fone+babbles away...i dieee.)


mi hermano nailed an epic thanksgiving once again..

(+unexpectedly i was put in charge of mashed potatoes+garlic kale.. the latter of which, was especially divine--a new culinary treat has been added to my thin kitchen repertoire.)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

enjoy your turkey, turkey.

merigue turkey spotted at king kullen bridgehampton.
saturday. november 21.

looking forward to some gobble gobble, followed by the wobble, wobble.

she turned us on to a steve miller sunset serenade*

*steve miller serenade courtesy of everyone's favorite fashion witchE woman, lady white light.

happy birthday to you dear A-lways D-apper F-riend, A-nd D-ynamite F-otographer!
+as always muchos gracias to both KAC+ADF for hosting such a jubilant jaunt!