Thursday, December 9, 2010

give me the finger and i'll hold up the globe.

cedez+i stopped by angela's holiday market last weekend+got our nails did right.
i got down with the gold leopard minx madness...check out cedez's fly combo here.

+if you haven't been yet, not to worry-there are 2 more weekends:

This Sat. marks the 2nd week of my Craftastic Holiday Fair at the hipster church in greenpoint
(Greenpoint Lutheran Church of the Messiah, 129 Russell st.)

There are over 25 vendors this week! You can definitely do all your holiday shopping and have a Yummy Brunch for under $6.00
Vendors include:
Max Wowch
Hillary Rosenman Vintage (Madison Harding)
Revel of Bruce High Quality Foundation
Jewelry by Kim Zitzow
Alexander Campas
Rabbit on the Run
The Wild Unknown
Small Water
Indian Treats
The Same Nice people +

And many more