Tuesday, November 2, 2010

you may have seen me in the pile.

senor boru shot me in my painting studio for NY magazine's issue on vintage collectors...

see the whole shebang here.

fittingly, my (first?) primetime subtitle is, "she took off her bra."

here are some screengrabs from that Z Spoke/zac posen fashion show (for america's next top model) turner and i worked on in june...

it was NUTS...and they edited us down to 15 minutes...can you tell we were understaffed and exhausted from working 24 hour days??

the highlight in NO UNCERTAIN way was meeting miss jay.
i was out in the trailer printing out the looks and he came by while carmen and i were having a smoke break...
+holy shit. he's BEYOND hilarious!!
i mean damn i've never laughed so hard with a stranger+lord knows, i've laughed quite a lot...he was dissing the show and tyra and he is perhaps one of the most captivating and charismatic individuals i've had the pleasure of interacting with.

you can watch the episode here...you can spot turner at 5:48 and my acne ass at 6:07.
(oh+if you watch the whole episode...you'll see what i may consider to be the single most humiliating roller skating model fall in history...over and over again.)

p.s. backstage fashion ain't ever too cute but HOT lights and camera crews certainly don't help make it any easier..(please see the photos of me and carmen sprinting after that model..kinda cave woman-in-victorian-like.)

here's how our geeked out screening party went.
(or shall i say screen-grabbing party:)

move with the wind and take a swig.

we've returned from the grande tour ofOten (also referred to as 'out of service').
+i've got 36 rolls of film and countless polaroids to show for it...
yet shockingly or atypically rather, i shot hardly any digital (though i did take a bunch of iPhone shots for twitter +facebook of course)...

you've likely noticed, i've taken a break from my virtual sketchbook-in order to focus on my actual tangible life, grad school applications+the like. so apologies for the lack of updates but c'est la vie..i think it'll be easier to post as this weather continues it's decline into frigidity.

i begin scanning tomorrow morning so stay tuned for studio updates!