Wednesday, October 22, 2008

fall fleurs

madison+59th. in front of the plaza.

the one good thing about the onset of cold weather

is the opportunity to finally wear my cozy new winter coat by ideeën, bought over a month ago. this is the last big purchase i will be making for a, the economic downturn is really freaking me out and is thus resulting in some self imposed shopping regulation..(i'm trying to stick to ebay+thrift+h&m--though i have to say it's really hard.) i have realized that there are so many lovely stores to pop into on every goddamn street in this city and even more online..ugh.
(i guess i'm lucky that at least this coat features a wild winter hood that can be used as window shopping blinders.)

hoping for.....

besosyfotos is one year old today.

thank you to all my blog buddies+regular buddies+unknown internet supporters for looking at my virtual sketchbook. specifically, i must thank my lady turner for coming to uta barth's gallery opening a week ago last year. she, the sound of worldwide takeover, twisted my arm into launching this site + she was right to. i used to think that blogging was ridiculous but at this point can't imagine not being part of the online sharing revolution.. lastly, i want to extend my deepest gratitude to all of my friends (+ folks) for allowing me to share their faces + shoes with anyone whose random google searches lands them here.
besosyfotos por vida.