Thursday, July 29, 2010

andy warhol can't get the ketchup out.

i've read quite a few of his books, autobiographies, diaries et al+am still surprised+delighted with his queer+wondrous ways.
also, that napkin seems really crunchy.

happy thursday y'all.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the smells never change at the house called spruce point.

swedish hasbeens. atika driving shoes. adidas. acne. alpargatas. repetto. alpargatas.
dad's from the 60's. saint james.
rittenhouse. h+m. h+m.
creatures of comfort. velour.
vintage nuvo classix.
rachel comey.
j.crew. j.crew. topshop.
vintage diane von furstenberg. creatures of comfort.
barbour. drew.
vintage arthur ash. betsey johnson. vintage hustler. vintage . vintage.
vintage. mara hoffman. zimmerman.
stella mccartney+stella mccartney. hanky panky. princesse.
gold necklace-gift from mom. samma. noname sunhat. portobello rd scarf. leg warmers-gift from mara hoffman. vintage african indigo scarf blanket. morrocan berber, native american+vintage gold rings.
books to read-i got through 3 out of 5-not bad for 7 days.

i brought these 2 numbers up to leave at the house in northeast harbor.
thrifted sears sailor top that both of my grandmothers would've worn.
+thrifted terry jumpsuit.
+in trade, i found some treasures at the house that had to bring home...bop pops radical stripeE robe.

+two of his radically round frames i need to take the prescription out of+put some darker lenses in.
also antlers, found feathers. an old hellmans jar for a new terrarium that mom unearthed. taz's needlepoint sunglasses case. rescued dragonfly. don't forget pad. bop pops cashmere knee socks.
he sure was dapper.
too bad he wasn't a very nice guy .
RIP bop pop. i will remember the morning songs.