Sunday, July 20, 2008

urban hippy looks

1.favorite bud light tank, SUPERnewFAVORITE stretchy jeans by the row (the olsens are clever), super new (shopping hiatus didn't go so well-as usual)basic ballet flat from capezio-$18! (screw repetto for these--i'm gonna get another pair and go at them with a yellow highlighter and save the $150 for something else!)
2.theory spotty peasant tank, burfitt shorts from creatures of comfort, mocassins from a trading post in oklahoma
3.thrift embroidered top, levi's orange tab cut offs, aforementioned capezios
4.circa now/nicole tondre's secondhand gauze top, levi's, old marc by mj tie ups
5.she bible jumpsuit (shorter than i wish-the hem needs to go), cowry shell belt from my sister's trip to africa in the 90's, capezio's
6.thrift store spotty flat ruffle top, victorian pantalones from vintage store on metropolitan ave., hi waisted leopard bathing suit bottoms, top shop mocas-sandal, hamptons thrift black and gold necklace as bracelet
[figured i should do this for some of the elle gals)

flower powered

1.vintage corset top from circa now, orange saltwater sandals
2.vintage apron from polkadots and moonbeams, unitard from trenton thrift, apc gladiators
3.vintage wonder from ms. white lightning's thrift time out west, with pink thrifted accessories of faux pearls and faux vaurnet's

brooklyn banter

*we thank our lucky stars*

tuesday night, while on the phone with suzeQ, i got a terrifying phone call that xabi had gotten hit by a car, wile riding my bike on driggs and metropolitan.
i met the ambulance and my blood soaked friend at woodhull hospital (which i hugely recommend never going to). he was brought into the trauma unit on a gurney, i filled out all the necessary paperwork, trying my best not to freak the fuck out.
all of the sudden, while looking at my loves broken self, i started feeling really woozy. i walked to the other end of the gurney to go sit down. next thing i know, i wake up under the bed. i have fainted from stress.
all in all, he got stitches over his eye, staples on the back of the head, and sustained a grade 3 concussion. i was admitted into the trauma unit an hour and a half later with a grade 1 concussion and a much more mild but still bloody dome.
it's been quite a hellride but mi senor is quite the trooper, and mostly this was a true life lesson in not taking anyone or anything for granted.
bless to all my loves and please ride and drive safely.
also if anyone knows who participated in this hit + run, let me know..once i stop being dizzy, i'd like to give them a piece of my mind!