Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i can't seem to shake this feeling that you might be what i need.

been thinking, would it just be the same shit, different place?
or is it near time to actualize my 15 year old vision of moving to california for a bit??

perhaps we need to go to a psychic or consult some crystals because i can't quite surmise. (cedez-bff date-coming soon!)

i heard she grew out of the grass and turned into moss.

1. utter perfection! i've been wanting a monochromatic emerald look for awhile. this fall'10 rachel comey ensemble would certainly due just fine!

2.these swedish hasbeens are such a great color+a perfect walkable heel...(i saw a gal at a thrift store in LA wearing them+she says they're amazingly comfortable). i want more candy or nature hued shoes dude!

3.these wood wood leathers are like leather sweat pants. i tried them on at creatures of comfort+almost invested but alas, the ass is really bad-like a flat backed droop...but maybe that's okay?? cause they are so silly+awesome+comfortable.. +i wish i were wearing them to fashion week parties tomorrow. i hate it when that happens.