Thursday, May 28, 2009

i love a mcnugget but don't tell..

wow, check out my dear cousin, sinton vignos!!!!!!!!!

how spectacular, how seriously awesome.
here he is...just doing his part to get the family more famous..i.e he went ahead +had himself installed all over a parisian train station!


+really i have to especially thank aunt diane+ pamela for forwarding the jpeg i'd been wanting for months!! so jazzed.

(p.s. i'd been trying to cut his hair for YEARS..but as it turns out i needed a corporation budget to make it happen..c'est la vie.)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sometimes we wished we lived in the projects..

they have the most killer pool, which we wanted to jump in on that mega hot day last week...perhaps we'll just loiter around all summer+hope elliot makes some friends who want to invite us in..
see the rest of the pictures at rachel's blog, frivolous fawn.

i forgot to tell you..

we bonded over the stagnacy of the photographic image...

pax paloscia is a totally radical+mighty talented italian lass i met at icp..
she was recently asked to contribute her notebook to a moleskin project:detour in instanbul..(the fotos above are what they used for their invite-congrats love!)

check out her book here..i have to say- this makes me really want to get back to the pleasure of painting..i miss it so. (somebody please take all this excess clothing outta my studio already!)

collective crystals opens manana*

our dear old college santa fe crew is at it again..

collaborative crystals looks to be an outstanding display/installation of edible art put together by the epically talented (+fellow csf-er) miss erica browne, in collaboration with the papabubble kids, mercedez singleton, +many other contributors..
also on view is a (magic mushroom friendly) time-lapse video documenting the growth magic by parker chehak..

so come on back to papabubble (380 broome st) and get mystical.

tripping the light fantastic

my thames gals were part of the "we are all photographers now" exhibit at NYPH'09..a great project based around what i like to call the democracy of imagery, put together by the curator william a. ewing, the director at musée de l'elysee, lausanne.

who said you can't buy me love..

these junya watanabe lace ups want-a-be in my shoe rack/on me for my summer adventures..sugar mama-are you listening!? i'm going to spain a week from today+these would be perfect for mojitos+the macba..just saying..

oh snap..this moss ring by hafsteinn juliusson is a cross between salt'n'pepa and andy goldworthy..hippy hip hopper bling that i want to wear everywhere always..(though as you know, i'm not sure how i would ever sub out my silver+gold hands..but whatever, i'd figure something out.)

+as always a nice navy platform is always right for me..(+the first time i've coveted anything from juicy in like 6 years)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the end.

as we walked by the shop to catch a cab, we saw the mannequin dressed in the outfit i almost wore..she'd been moved from the back room to the these court amazing.

....thank you again to everyone who helped make friday such a success. i am filled with endless gratitude....c'est tout!

perfection at papabubble

you were there in spirit mi amor.