Sunday, January 6, 2008

russian christmas

sparre sibs

hoagie haven and zoe.
when in princeton, always drop by both.
zoe's sales are ridiculous. haven is just that.
and if you're lucky you might see these guys.

la la lanvin

parvin, tatiana and i entertained the idea of time-sharing this bag.
however, even half off, at over $1200 we couldn't rationalize.
but the perfection and gloss of this patent. holy#@^&*!
can you apply for grants for accessories??

dad hearts obama

as do some other serious jersey mobilizers.

[spent a lot of lunch discussing the merits and downsides to the democratic candidates..and a mention of scary huckabee

fun and flautas

el cantinero.
86 university place

stall squares

९:१०.juno.union square regal cinema