Wednesday, December 10, 2008

lady in waiting

a scene from ms. angela barrow+ mr. henry hargreaves upcoming 2009 calendar which was shot at his studio last saturday..(my janet jackson pic is now in profile)

for the cast+crew

peace+love at barney's...

he says it's okay to buy for yourself....'helps reduce holiday stress'...thank you simon doonan (+ whitelightning)for making me feel like less of a shit for getting those chloe's....
p.s.this video is kind of horrible+awkward but for all the shopaholics out there, take comfort...(at least until your statement arrives in the mail)

show+telling:pop alignment.

mine is the quogue swan.
meredith allens is mini golf #4

maybe baby bidness

not quite there but on it's way..i suck at fotoshop but i'll be damned if i can't make my own card..blerg.

gimme some sugar.

these are from a project meredith allen did a few years ago.. i love them!
(i rediscovered her at humble arts--where i will one day have fotos!)
next plan--february application sounds doable!

art picks of the week..

john wesley's show, the question of women, is up this week at (the lovely katharine's workplace) fredericks&freiserfriday: evan gruzis at dietch projects
thursday:peter dayton at freemans. 6-8
thursday: bblessing holiday sale