Monday, March 31, 2008

i like what's happening here.

a motto i thought up, a while back:
one should be good at what you do.
and look good doing it.

m.C. hepburn

a much appreciated greenwich, ct. thrift shop find!

burlesque bob

performed in honor of lisa kereszi's new burlesque based book release, "fantasies".

sunday's for sneakers

fotogal friends

so lovely to have ms. ixone sabada stateside, even if just for this art whirl of a week.
my fingers are crossed that bilbao will lose you to new york again, and soon!


thinking of dezzie dog

papa's pup had surgery today and is in l'hopital.

desperately seeking

a coat such as this.

pulse style

pulse art fair #4

pulse art fair#3