Friday, March 14, 2008

birthday bash

for the magnificent senor xabi

10pm-whenever you're done
255 mckibben apt 108
[sinton's spot]
montrose L stop
dj's and fun all night.

byob-dancing shoes+[of course] cameras.

hope to see you there.

analogue gal in a digital universe

sooo. my start up disk is full.
can't upload fotos.
can't open fotoshop.
can't do shit.
apparently i have too much music (over 32 days worth) AND too many fotos for my hard drive to deal. i have a half gig left on my computer. oi vey.
i say, LAME. since when does having a really eccentric and awesome library of music and a prolific eye for foto turn out to be a bad thing?
well kids. that day is today.
and i'm in the midst of working on 7 paintings and the boyfriends birthday is manana and jersey on sunday....soo not much time to export my whole iphoto library or go thru itunes to look for music i don't need, i.e. double downs.
but look forward (to tuesday) for pics of new paintings, of birthday soiree, of jersey..of regular besosyfotos woopla.