Friday, March 14, 2008

analogue gal in a digital universe

sooo. my start up disk is full.
can't upload fotos.
can't open fotoshop.
can't do shit.
apparently i have too much music (over 32 days worth) AND too many fotos for my hard drive to deal. i have a half gig left on my computer. oi vey.
i say, LAME. since when does having a really eccentric and awesome library of music and a prolific eye for foto turn out to be a bad thing?
well kids. that day is today.
and i'm in the midst of working on 7 paintings and the boyfriends birthday is manana and jersey on sunday....soo not much time to export my whole iphoto library or go thru itunes to look for music i don't need, i.e. double downs.
but look forward (to tuesday) for pics of new paintings, of birthday soiree, of jersey..of regular besosyfotos woopla.


elizabeth said...

LOUISE. go buy an external hard drive guapa! put yr photos on it and set your computer free !!

Claire Lampert said...

shit, that happened to me last weekend. Totes sucks. I deleted three movies, which freed up tons o space, but sounds like you need to get yourself an external hard drive. My roommate got a great one for cheapo on Amazon. Poor computer :(