Friday, January 18, 2008

u·bi·e·ty (y-b-t)
The condition of being located in a particular place.

belated christmas


adhoc dinner party

gals and gallery bump ins. add some plus ones and a swing by. such is the adhoc dinner party where friends of friends become a loud cacophony laughter.
le petite bistro:258 w.15th st.

chelsea style

god bless a jumpsuit.fendi. and fur.

thumbs up for anne collier at anton kern, mark bradford at sikkema jennings, and nicholas nixon at yossi milo

anne collier=genius and super sense of humour
mark bradford=riveting technique
ray smith=no bueno
ellen birkenblit=nice but seemingly over-rated
nicholas nixon=devastatingly astute and stunning b/w printer
ian wallace=maquettes were better than the actual pieces, concept was good but the fotos are lame

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