Wednesday, July 2, 2008

affinities, alignments, and collisions : curated by robert blake

my mentor and friend, roberto, has spent the last few months working on this show, with tremendous success! the layout of the space allows the viewer to amble freely, and notice, at one's own leisure, the symmetry of form and play of color. unlike many group shows, this show works much like a bouncy ball- you can look ahead or behind and side to side, and the energy is consistent, vibrant and thoughtful. to be in such an intimate setting amongst such revered work is a true delight. i really couldn't recommend it more.

the aligned artists are: john baldessari, uta barth, vija celmins, thomas demand, olafur eliasson, candida höfer, shin il kim, robert longo, christian marclay, jennifer+kevin mccoy, asako narahashi, rivane neuenschwander, gabriel orozco, ed ruscha, thomas struth, fiona tan, jeff impressive roster for which the show title was astute.

601artspace is located at 601 west 26th
while it is only open by appointment, you can view the show by emailing:

congratulations to rb for an impressive feat of precise perfection.

backstory:i met robert at the international center of photography in the fall of 2005, at the recommendation of our mutual foto friend, suzanne mejean. i showed him my work, a mixed bag of 20x24 color darkroom prints and my senior thesis portfolio. he loved the work but said, "you're not there yet." this was the most astute thing anyone had said to me in regard to my work, perhaps ever. i joined his program immediately and became the only student in icp history to do almost two years in the general studies program. he has just left icp behind him after 22 years, and i would like to virtually toast him on his future success, involving his art, curatorial endeavors and existential freedom.

c'est magnifique

the first foto is my nephew vito-his prenatal name-in parvin's belly. i'm super jazzed to be an auntie!!!
the last foto is aunt jane's aforementioned awesome lace up job.

aunt jane is the coolest

she has hunted big game in africa [back when that was still cool], had 5 kids, a long and loving marriage, dresses in the same clothes she's worn since the 70's, has more energy than people 50 years younger, plays the accordian--which she learned to play because the piano didn't fit on their sailboat, wears worn out keds- which she laces up right like no wburg gal ever thought of [see post above], and when we showed up she asked, "who wants to go outside and get a sunburn?". amazing grace.

i got served.

mr.steve of the hard liquor, soft holes tagged me. with the request of some songs i've been "jamming out to..."
my dear bff, mercedez, and i traded ipods for a week--because i didn't have the national song i was obsessed with on mine. upon return i was delighted to discover the national's album and a playlist called, 'louise listen to this'..i've followed her advice with uncanny determination. included here are some of my summer obsessions and hers.

1.shareefa+ludacris: need a boss--classic muy bueno ass shakin'
2.the national: fake empire--i just like it, a lot.
3.lil'wayne: lollipop--great for the subway head bobbing
4.the cave singers: dancing on our graves--reminds me of good times with rusted root
5.jens lekman: into eternity--his voice reminds me of an old flame but better..this song is beach ready and has a little south american muy caliente spice.
6.architecture in helsinki: maybe you can owe me--wonderful happy summer walking sounds
7.amiina: sexfalder--these chicks are rad and from reykjavík
8.r. kelly: ignition remix
9.the last song on the mix is nine inch nails: closer--classic 90's sexpop

[in addendum, i will include the boss's, born in the u.s.a., as it's sure to be in heavy rotation on the 4th- that's how we do it when the fireworks are poppin off.]
-sorry not to put up links but i ain't got time for much youtube or myspace research-
word up.