Wednesday, July 2, 2008

i got served.

mr.steve of the hard liquor, soft holes tagged me. with the request of some songs i've been "jamming out to..."
my dear bff, mercedez, and i traded ipods for a week--because i didn't have the national song i was obsessed with on mine. upon return i was delighted to discover the national's album and a playlist called, 'louise listen to this'..i've followed her advice with uncanny determination. included here are some of my summer obsessions and hers.

1.shareefa+ludacris: need a boss--classic muy bueno ass shakin'
2.the national: fake empire--i just like it, a lot.
3.lil'wayne: lollipop--great for the subway head bobbing
4.the cave singers: dancing on our graves--reminds me of good times with rusted root
5.jens lekman: into eternity--his voice reminds me of an old flame but better..this song is beach ready and has a little south american muy caliente spice.
6.architecture in helsinki: maybe you can owe me--wonderful happy summer walking sounds
7.amiina: sexfalder--these chicks are rad and from reykjavík
8.r. kelly: ignition remix
9.the last song on the mix is nine inch nails: closer--classic 90's sexpop

[in addendum, i will include the boss's, born in the u.s.a., as it's sure to be in heavy rotation on the 4th- that's how we do it when the fireworks are poppin off.]
-sorry not to put up links but i ain't got time for much youtube or myspace research-
word up.


hard liquor; soft holes said...

YESSSSS...i totally forgot about the remix to ignition, comin at me straight out the kitchen. so party tomorrow??

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

hells yes!
see you here.
hoping to get a bar b Q manana. so byob+byodogs.