Thursday, May 5, 2011

seeking representation of the unimagined (but realized in daylight) can be embedded in prongs.


i got engaged to my dream man!!!

+thus i am in need of a ring (since i asked him;)

i'd imagined, given how seriously specific i am with my jewelry that we'll likely have to commission a ring....or collaborate or, here's the first blang thang inspiration.

found on mociun, ebay, doyle+doyle, barneys, + made her think

and here are a couple of yipdedoooo engagement photos...
respectively taken by my brother, magda wosinska, and claire weiss.

and we're off to morocco and paris tomorrow for a foto expedition and post engagement celebration!!
see you in late may friends.

(oh and if you have any awesome ring ideas or paris recommendations...please let me know!)