Sunday, December 14, 2008

in the land of wild turkeys

a slow walk in a yellow submarine

they arrived friday afternoon on my doorstep in a pretty yoox box!! i spent a bit of time in my closet playing around with potential outfits made possible with the help of these yellow fantastics..for the friday studio party of ms. jacqueline+samantha pleet+their studio mates-i decided on these crazytown drop crotch pants i thrifted in albuquerque (savers strikes gold again!), a super holey old jockey t i've had since high school (probably a hand me down from my sisters punkish phase), and my newly acquired orchestra conductor tux with tails coat (found at the tuleste market sample sale+vintage score party on thursday)...
the 3rd picture is me+ms.enthusiast+sir steve representing our blogtown booties..hers-another covetous argentine score, his-the loveable justin shorty lace up riding boot.
so, the verdict is, i love them to death but i must say even for me, who's been wearing 5 inch platforms since i was a mere 17 year old hippy dippy chick in jersey--these prove to be quite a doozy to walk in. not only are they higher than they look but they don't hold the feet in very well-i.e. the heel slips out, i say with slight sadness, while they really are amazing, sadly they will not make it into the everyday wearable shoe rotation..more like a standing room only/car service kinda deal.
but whatevs. i love them + could never have pulled off this more avant garde ( for me) look without them!
p.s.(i would've posted this earlier but our internet has been punking out on me.)