Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i'd say it's a perfectly candid celestial scene.

dyyyyyying for this whole christopher kane scene at opening ceremony.
specifically (fyi:sugar daddy/mummy/tranny;) the princess skirt, princess dress, +the hubble tank dress.

anyhoo, the cosmos kane brilliance reminded me to tell you that my sisters little one has arrived!!
+his name is abraham and i call him bABE!!!
+miss daphne is growing fast..
5 months of elfin awesome.
+the eldest fanukas...

+lastly some videos of lucas that i finally uploaded from thanksgiving...

THIS is it!!!!

i'm delighted to announce my inclusion in the "these friends 2" show at THIS los angeles.

if it is anything like last years's going to be bonkers and soo full of awesome you won't hardly be able to stand it...(check out their blog to see what's the what...including install images+ profiles of some of the artists.)

i'm flying out tomorrow for a hot shot, in+out westward jaunt, which may include an inaugural visit to joshua tree; and will most definitely result in a few new favorite fotos..

the opening is on friday february 4 from 7-10.
5906 n. figueroa st
los angeles california

so if you are left coast based..please come say hi!