Saturday, February 16, 2008

furry photo editor

sometimes this city seems unkind.

i saw this sad sight on my way to david black's shindig the other night..
and i just saw wrongness, picturing some sad soul walking out of their building, late for work and realizing that some l.e.s. drunky had gone all agro on their ride.
for this i am sorry. better luck next time..
in addition, this is truely one of the reasons that i've not yet bought a bike in the city. aside from my fundamental fear of getting hit by a cabbie, i'm afraid that this would rightly happen to me. and then i wouldn't want to fix it 'cause i'd be chapped out that it happened in the first place..

across the board merchandising

josh and i walked by this place the other night on our way to dinner/drinks..
i can't really get a handle on who the fuck shops here. it's like a one stop shop for douchie mcdouche on prom night. tuxedo's, ties, cufflinks. plus all cheesy things bob marley and sex pistols. in addition to all that, you can also buy your illegitimate child a tie dyed onesie.
i dunno. i just don't.

shaun o'dell at susan inglett gallery

i haven't been yet, but i'm going soon.
522 W 24th St
btw 10th and 11th