Wednesday, November 26, 2008

downeast drawbridge

leaving for a couple of family days up in maine i wish you a happy turkey day+ hope you have ample leftovers...can't wait to feast. i love some good turkey+aunt karen always prepares quite a feast.
p.s.i'll post all the hampton+lucy's pics upon return.

lady in waiting

6.[recent ebaying]
1. 70's music box to be a sensuous woman c.1970
3. the world of love ponch+moccasin lass
4. 50's-60's velvet headband
5.sweet zep T camera keychain c. 60's

Monday, November 24, 2008

happy birthday ADF!!!

i wish y'all weren't in lala so's i could cheers you for your life+loveliness!!!

a story begins+it's 6 feet wide.

2 days a new series!!!!
finally, i begin the new chapter..

p.s.thanks chris for the bro down + words of kind encouragement [+the foto above].
i will miss my nicest neighbor in the bk.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

born to be wild

the last two fotos are from last monday..i'd been so good about clothes shopping (other than a little ebaying..but i swear i'm mostly looking for christmas presents, oopsEdoops) until i ended up getting coffee at gimme with ms. charles of lloyd..which turned into a bop into the city o the L, which turned into stops at vintage shops in the east village and a stroll into soho..we stumbled into a vintage shop on 3rd ave where i found a SWEET lion of judah t--perfectly worn in+so ridiculously amazing for [sorry DB+BD], super round toed saddle shoes (a major upgrade from my old ones which are a little scuzzy looking), +a [majorly belated] birthday present for turnstyle), next stop was trash+vaudville (found THE best jeans for $64!!!! + given that i nearly rationalized spending a gazillion dollars on leather legging by the row this summer--i was delighted to find such a cheap alternative; even better still is having pockets-i love leggings but truely i like a real fact i liked them so much i changed out of my chartreuse tights, flowery dress, +chloe flats--i grabbed my new t+shoes +wore them out of the store..gotta love a full outfit switch in the middle of the day, then the african shop on st. marks found an awesome handwoven straw+leather bag, then love saves the day (mostly lame but i found a vintage playboy i've been looking for+another birthday present), onto circa now for a birthday present+a check in with the ladies (which evolved into the fun prospect of showing my fotos at nicole's new shop COURT in the LES!! we're gonna have a meeting about it after turkey time..i'll keep you posted), we then stopped into patricia fields for a second before ending up on houston where we found all sorts of cheap necklaces (mostly presents), a rad coney island hologram postcard AND a huge campbells soup can!!! (i've been pricing these out for a couple years+i got a great deal)...the shopping day day wrapped up at the pashmina stands on broadway, where i found some leopard..

behind the scenes: BUST style profile shoot