Sunday, January 25, 2009

tinged by flourescents

these are the pics from the last travel day+i'm going to lala in less than an hour+haven't finished packing:)..the enthusiast+i are to see the lovely suzeQ's screening at LACMA+get our palm tree on..get stoked for further fotos to follow.
i think i might leave my laptop here, so apologies in advance for the lack of posts...i hope to get back to more frequent posts upon my return, as i have gotten a few complaints..
have a lovely week y'all.

it's on the stands now....

it's finally time to check it out!
+here are xabi's other amazing fotos that didn't make the editorial cut...

thanks lisa!

the secret to the punch is in the guava.

spotted on broadway+prince

this wildcat.
kat and i were bopping around seeking art+homewares when we both took notice of this gal, proudly wearing this wild ensemble, don't get us wrong-we've both been searching for the perfect leopard coat for this point, she's found TWO, including my dream one by elizabeth+james from last year..and i have is a crazy fake that looks more like a wiley dalmation..anyhow, the point is-i like some leopard print, but this is some next levs shit-- leopard print ho0ps, baby adorned in top to bottom leopard love under that blanket, and the kicker-2 different leopard print fanny packs/bum bags!
wowza, anyhow, she was so amazing i had to turn around and snap some from both sides..