Monday, November 19, 2007

nearing completion

picked up the social studies stripes at the studio last night. it's really frickin' close. but no cigar, not yet.

who would survive?

if the plane crashed into the mountains. what would you have with you to survive?? so we emptied our bags..on display: mine.gary.jacq.gina.andrew....a selection of what we had amongst us: 1/2 bottle of water. safety pin, 4 passports. 1 picture of L.lohan.cigarettes. 3 packs of matches. a bunch of fingerless gloves. marimekko umbrella. leatherman tools. carabeaner. weed. 2 moleskins. various pens and coins. watercolor pencils. a.d.d. amphetamines. polaroid camera. digital camera. a treo a sidekick and an iphone for gps. one birthday candle. 1 q-tip.and tape. i think we'd make it.

party cats

gary and jacqueline and jesus hosted a delightful afternoon with the most fantastic most beautiful cupcakes this gal has ever seen. adhoc band practice and nonstop weiner talk and iphones and one japanese feral cat contest.

stroll about