Monday, April 28, 2008

bitches brew

sari and katharine and jeanie and cedez. sassy lower east side stroll.

thao vs. she and him

no contest.
the vibrant lead singer of thao + the get up to get downs won our collective heart [turner, elizabeth and i got major girl crushy on her]. the headbanging and beat boxing blew our minds and aside from the brown cowboy boots she was perfectly divine. energetic and fun and all cute rocker chick. [in her typical fashion turnski looked at her with her career cap on.. the aforementioned boots prompted turner to decide that our lady thao is in need of some style assistance from a professional. as a fellow viet-hottie, she thinks it only makes sense they work together- i support her in this endevour, if for no other reason than, we all want to be friends with her.]

in the other ring. on the same stage..she+him, the sweet faced ms.zooey deschanel and the mellow man, m.ward, and they were unbelievably BORING!!! beautiful and talented but like an uncooked weiner at a bar b Q with no charcaol or a zippo with no lighter fluid. kind of useless. i guess this is a band that is best listened to on headphones or in a car. where you don't have to look at her, awkwardly not moving to the music while belting out slightly sissy tunes.
now to be fair turner and i did leave the show halfway through [that's how much we couldn't take it], so it's possible she got more stage presence..doubtful.
m. ward is really impressive. he's got skills. she's got the bod and the voice. they are both more than almost famous. but she+he are not for me.

mariachi y mojitos

claire and adam

gracias senor black

you made me and my apartment look so lovely.
styling by mademoiselle turner.

check out his blog for a bigger selection.

made to measure

claire is making me a high waisted pencil skirt for summer!! in gigham or floral or something else totally radical.
[we did our fitting on s.7th ave, much to the intrigue of our fellow tapas diners at ostia.]

apple blossom smells like home

my room in the house i grew up in overlooked about 5 apple trees. these ones by my dads's house were in full bloom last week and my olfactory senses went into childhood bliss.

matt[y] siegle is super

my buddy matt is out at calarts getting his m.f.a..he used to live in new york and now he lives in los angeles and studies with our gal suze on the left side. i ran into him at the openings, when i was out there visiting, and i was reminded to check out his website.
and my feeling is that along with being a very handsome fellow, he is talented and witty within his work and this is important to me. check out his work here

tricycle time

i found this bike on the street in soho back in the summer of '02. i was studying art history at NYU and was currently obsessed with duchamp and his readymades. this little guy struck me as a metaphor for childhood past- no seat and a broken bell.
anyhoo, it has been at my mom's house [much to her -non pack rat- displeasure] ever since. she has desired to get rid of it again and again but i've been steadfast in my belief that someday, this lovely piece of art [not junk as she would have it] would come in handy.
that day is soon. the lovely katharine is going to curate it-with some modifications- into a show taking place during the bicycle film festival. so there, ma. ha! vindication of my [accumulated] beliefs is always appreciated.
cheers kat for being so frickin'awesome.


looking forward to the white sands wedding of rachel and chris, whose engagement story remains to be one of my super top faves. involving a post baby bike ride in barcelona, one grooms-made candy ring, and one bride-to-be devouring it promptly.

kid's today

i'm sure he'll be better at computer code than all of us at age 4.

i've eaten two this week

the one featured was eaten on thursday. after therapy, and just after a gossip girl sighting [the real life couple of blake lively and penn badgley- walking hand and hand into the bed bath and beyond on 6th ave]. i had a five minute sit down on the corner, which you mostly only do alone if you're new here or a was kind of like a weiner meditation watching the city go by.
delicious and awesome views and one of those moments when i really remember why i heart ny.

tonight's dog at the movie theater made me feel sick.
p.s. in case you don't know gossip girl [which you should] this is them: