Monday, April 28, 2008

tricycle time

i found this bike on the street in soho back in the summer of '02. i was studying art history at NYU and was currently obsessed with duchamp and his readymades. this little guy struck me as a metaphor for childhood past- no seat and a broken bell.
anyhoo, it has been at my mom's house [much to her -non pack rat- displeasure] ever since. she has desired to get rid of it again and again but i've been steadfast in my belief that someday, this lovely piece of art [not junk as she would have it] would come in handy.
that day is soon. the lovely katharine is going to curate it-with some modifications- into a show taking place during the bicycle film festival. so there, ma. ha! vindication of my [accumulated] beliefs is always appreciated.
cheers kat for being so frickin'awesome.

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