Monday, April 28, 2008

thao vs. she and him

no contest.
the vibrant lead singer of thao + the get up to get downs won our collective heart [turner, elizabeth and i got major girl crushy on her]. the headbanging and beat boxing blew our minds and aside from the brown cowboy boots she was perfectly divine. energetic and fun and all cute rocker chick. [in her typical fashion turnski looked at her with her career cap on.. the aforementioned boots prompted turner to decide that our lady thao is in need of some style assistance from a professional. as a fellow viet-hottie, she thinks it only makes sense they work together- i support her in this endevour, if for no other reason than, we all want to be friends with her.]

in the other ring. on the same stage..she+him, the sweet faced ms.zooey deschanel and the mellow man, m.ward, and they were unbelievably BORING!!! beautiful and talented but like an uncooked weiner at a bar b Q with no charcaol or a zippo with no lighter fluid. kind of useless. i guess this is a band that is best listened to on headphones or in a car. where you don't have to look at her, awkwardly not moving to the music while belting out slightly sissy tunes.
now to be fair turner and i did leave the show halfway through [that's how much we couldn't take it], so it's possible she got more stage presence..doubtful.
m. ward is really impressive. he's got skills. she's got the bod and the voice. they are both more than almost famous. but she+he are not for me.

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