Saturday, December 11, 2010

she is the muse to my best pop melody.

my dear darling gals at COURT are living the dream...
designing the perfect denim to cover the covetable asses of the world.

we had a meeting about me shooting their lookbook towards the end of summer+started brain storming concepts...but as so often happens scheduling got in the way and our city shoot didn't come to as i was gearing up for our western adventures i suggested that they just give us some jeans to go and we'd see if magic could be made. i mean mercedez has been my muse for 12 years, so how could it go wrong?!

we shot from new mexico to the mojave to vegas to big sur...
+while there were plenty of awkward quick changes in the car...the experience was perfection--probably my favorite way to shoot fashion: having a blast--rainbow chasing through parking lots in vegas, smoke bomb experiments, climbing joshua trees in a head dress (not recommended actually), and countless other fortuitous friendly fashionable moments.

COURT jeans are available at COURT SHOP on go get your high waisters, dreamy bells, skinnies and sweetassed awesome on pronto!!

i promise you'll thank me later;)

it shines like a snake and drags like a broom..and i feel fine.

picked up this bonkers shiny leopard maxi at the friends+family (major:) sale at creatures of comfort....slightly under the influence of some kir royale and hilarity.
it makes me very glad.