Tuesday, November 13, 2007

sharita sunshine

i spent the day organizing negatives and uploading onto youtube. and she did what she usually does. sleep in the window. sleep on the bed. and wake up for the late afternoon sun and some downward dog..going to williamsburg for dinner with our new recruits, kat and alvin. perhaps chato and sinton will join as well. check back.

american aside

left keys and thank you dinner

after our weekend away and big talks and website editing, xabi departed and arrived in park slope only to find out that his keys were on my kitchen table. the nice thing to do seemed to be, a personal delivery. once again cursing the lack of interns or assistants or even a scant messenger. i went the way of yonder and was treated to a delightful dinner at palo santo. i had pork. he had lamb. we split a very soupy but no less delicious creme brulee. the host recommended wonderful wine and a malbeck porto. i left full and with two full binders of negatives, integral shots for the updating of the website.