Monday, April 13, 2009

what's not to like about a sunset.

now, i've been thinking about pink manic panic a lot lately..(as i've told a few of you).
imagining something hidden, a petite surprise in my hippy locks..but i gotta say, i would like her ginger pixy for the day, to try out this look...whick kinda reminds me of the lip-do the enthusiast wrote about a few weeks seen below.

top foto by mr. facehunter, bien sur...
bottom foto, no idea, i borrowed it from kat

like a fish in a bowl..i go circles for hours.

editing is tricky yo.

i'm curious, which juxtaposition do you like?
(comment por favor)
gracias loves.

mad for moto

3.1. day date: A.P.C. moto/acne corset wedges/antipodium T/samma necklace/kate moss for topshop jeans/vintage star earring

2.dossier+house party: same as above with acne high waisted mini/h+m over the knee's

3.easter lunch+babysitting: topshop oxford/vintage bag/h+m skinnies/samma necklace/ minnetonka booties

i was being pretty good about the austerity program until last week. but what with a samma sample sale+the highly anticipated topshop opening+my dream moto**..what's a gal (read:shopaholic) to do? i mean, honestly..

**which i've been thinking+dreaming of since mid january-which is the longest time i've ever slept on was destined to be mine. i mean, you might ask, how was it still there in the super regular size 38 after all this time? the silly people in LA weren't buying so they sent it here..where my gal heather was able to swing a pretty awesome discount, booyea!

p.s.can you believe the only thing i bought at my innaugural visit to topshop last week was an oxford?? i certainly surprised myself.. but i have to say i've been living in it!

the flower is still in full bloom and you know me well enough to know i will have it for always.

missing you mi amor.
the spring won't be the same without your dancing.
dolce vi·ta (vt, -tä)
A luxurious, self-indulgent way of life.

[Italian : dolce, sweet + vita, life.]

tangled up in blue with you.

getting close on the editing guys. i'm pretty certain about the 9 fotos for the walls..and now i'm just finishing up the final edit for the besosyfotos book, as well as finalizing the show catalogue..anyhoo, i'm hoping for a may 2nd opening for the COURT, fingers crossed+mark your calendars for that weekend or the next.

also..i'm gonna do some outfit posts either today or tomorrow (it's been AWHILE), so stay tuned for moto jacket madness!