Monday, February 2, 2009

from time to time

antipodium t. zero/maria cornejo vest. h+m over the knees. acne wedges. gray ant hotpants. street hoops.
max azaria blouse. vintage jumpsuit. vintage necklace. f21 shades. acne bootE's
my new most favorite things EVER. fold down tuxedo style corset wedges from c.o.c.
she bible jumpsuit. repetto patent jazzers. h+m turtle. turners vintage belt.
thank you for letting me borrow/steal this love!
vintage dress. vintage african necklace. chloe wedge. h+m tights.
i thought this was a fun juxtapose..(this necklace is from a flea market in maine of all places.)
zero/m.c. silk top. piazza siempione ciggie pant (uptown thrift). topshop socks. alaia platforms. vintage chandelier earrings.
vintage wool+gold leather dior top. thrifted wool dress. mom's old gold belt. repettos. h+m tights.
vintage ysl blouse. karen walker jeans. frye boots. dollar store headband. 14th st wig (hat/wig party-more on that to come)
vintage feather vest. splendid waffle l/s. karen walker's. frye's. mali shell necklace.
ray bans.vintage crop top. grey ant highwaisters. alpargatas from madrid.
plastic island tux coat. african neclace. vintage betsey johnson jean cutoffs. alaia's. c+c tank.
tuleste vintage liberty print top. favorite shorts. barefeet.


hard liquor; soft holes said...

i love it all. esp. the black and white look.

hang out soon?

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

cheers love. yes, indeed-i'm finally back for awhile!
maybe we can convince dB to have another valentines party...or maybe we just have drinks for no reason at all, except to dress up and take fotos of each other:)

Claire Lampert said...

lovingggg the white plastic island...<3